Mindful Ocean Metaverse aims at answering the following questions.

1. How can we cultivate empathy to save marine life?

2. How can we empower more people to support ocean conservation?

What is Mindful Ocean Metaverse?
Mindful Ocean Metaverse is a community art project with a mission to save our ocean. We use blockchain, AI, and AR technology to empower anyone to take part in ocean conservation by making art. Our NFT art creation events nurture mindfulness and promote creativity, enabling anyone to easily create NFT artworks that simulate marine life in a co-created virtual space - the Mindful Ocean Metaverse. Our goals include encouraging more people to make art, exploring the use of Web3 for social changes, and supporting conservationists by cultivating empathy.
How can we save our ocean by making art?
We believe art-making can cultivate mindfulness, empathy, and creativity, which can improve our well-being, empower us to make better life-changing decisions, and facilitate the development of innovative solutions for ocean conservation. Our community art project aims at nurturing peoples' empathy towards marine life, and raising funds to carry out urgent actions that can save our ocean.
Mindful Ocean Art-Making Events
Currently, we have three types of art-making events
The Mindful Ocean Art Contests
The "No Fish Tomorrow" Social Media Contests
The "Adopt a Fish" Crowdfunding Events for Featured Artists
The 6 Phases of a Mindful Ocean Art Contest
Artwork Creation and Submission
In each event, we feature a specific marine animal, and provide all users with the same coloring template in our app. Users are invited to participate in a creative challenge, in which they can use the provided template to design the outlook of the marine animal, and submit their unique designs to the event.
Mintpass Creation
On our website, you can select a submitted artwork, and turn it into a Mindful Ocean Mintpass. At the end of the contest, each Mintpass can be used to redeem a Mindful Ocean NFT, which contains the submitted artwork and its metadata.
AI Analysis
Once we have received all the submitted artwork in an art contest, we will compute a score for each artwork using AI. Each artwork will be organized into clusters, while each cluster will be further organized into superclusters. The total number of artworks in the cluster and supercluster that a specific artwork belongs to will be used to derive a score that can represent the scarcity of the artwork authentically. We name this score Authentic Scarcity.
NFT Redemption
After the AI analysis is completed, we will embed each artwork alongside metadata like Authentic Scarcity, Cluster ID, and Cluster Size into a Mindful Ocean NFT. Owners of the Mindful Ocean Mintpass can then burn their mintpass to redeem the Mindful Ocean NFT, which can be used in our mobile app and is subject to receiving a creative reward based on its Authentic Scarcity or other criteria.
AR Metaverse
In our mobile app, you can unlock our AR Metaverse, a co-created virtual space where you can interact with the virtual marine life created in our art-making events. You can play with the simulated marine life using hand gestures, and interact with other users. Our AR Metaverse is powered by our partner Auki Labs’ cutting-edge AR technology.
A donation will be made to support individuals or organizations who contribute to ocean conservation. The amount of the donation will be a percentage of the net revenue generated from the art-making events dedicated to the specific individual or organization. We aim at building a Web 3 community and become a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). In the future, a mechanism to allow our community members to govern the details of the donations will be developed.
How can we support more people to make art and save our ocean?
Proceeds generated from this project will be used in the following major areas:
Make Donations
To support organizations active in ocean conservation, sustainability education, and art education to carry out their projects.
Reward Artists
To encourage more people to make art.
Fund Our Project
For development and operation.
Mindful Ocean Metaverse is a project backed by Yat Siu
Award-winning entrepreneur in making art and technology more accessible
Member of the Government Task Force on Promoting Web3 Development in the Hong Kong SAR Founder and CEO, Outblaze Limited (Hong Kong Business Awards 2018) Chairman Of the Board, Animoca Brands Corporation Limited (One of Fortune Crypto 40) Member of the Advisory Board, The British Academy of Film and Television Arts Board Member, Asian Youth Orchestra.
Submit artworks created by the Mindful Ocean app to collect Mintpass. With a Mintpass, you will be able to redeem your own artwork NFT when they are ready to be minted.
Redeem and reveal your own artwork NFT if you own a Mintpass. You can get a Mintpass by submitting an artwork on Mindful Ocean App or purchase directly on OpenSea.
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